• Women’s Health Care Through Boulder Medical Center OB/GYNs

    The practice is now closed.

    You may receive women’s health care through the Boulder Medical Center ob/gyns. 

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    Women’s Health Care Through Boulder Medical Center OB/GYNs
  • Boulder Gynecology is Closed

    I have decided to spend more time providing much needed women’s health care in Africa with organizations such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF or Doctors Without Borders), Partners In Health, and the ASCCP.  You may check back on this website for photos and blogs about my work in the developing world.

    Boulder Gynecology is Closed

Boulder Gynecology is a progressive, inclusive women’s clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Our small staff is dedicated to providing you with outstanding, personalized care and service.


Dr. Lepine listens attentively and responds in a forthright manner, which is greatly appreciated. She takes time and asks personal questions with sincerity. I loved how quickly I was up and about after surgery. At my age, every day counts!–Linda T.

Dr. Lepine was my second opinion. Now she has done my surgery. I will keep her as my gynecologist, no question. She's awesome. The best ever!–Marcey P.

As someone who has had a lot of medical trauma I absolutely despise going to any doctor.  Dr. Lepine is a rarity. She is not  like any other doctor I have ever been to.  She is real and open and listens not just as a doctor but as another woman.  She possesses a warmth and understanding that is so missing from many medical practices these days.  She instantly makes you feel comfortable and cared for and this emanates from every person in her office.  I cannot thank her enough for helping to turn around my "white coat syndrome. "–Sydney S.

Oh my gosh, this was the most amazing surgery procedure and recovery. I was and am so glad that laparoscopic surgery was available and I chose this option–Jane G.