Boulder Gynecology Client Testimonials

See what others have to say about the treatment, procedures and care offered at Boulder Gynecology and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

“I developed great confidence and respect for Dr. Lepine’s work and style during the pre-operative appointments. She further exceeded my expectations in how she went the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome for me when faced with extra challenges during my surgery. Never have I experienced such great skill and care. Her patience in answering all my questions and diligence in checking in on me frequently after the surgery were above and beyond the care I have had from any doctor I’ve known to date. I am truly a medically phobic patient, and I never would have been able to go through the surgery without the peace of mind she gave me.”
—Cynthia H.

“Wonderful. I would recommend Dr. Lepine to anyone.”
—Velma G.

“I have never felt better. When I go to a new place, I no longer need to find where the bathroom is the minute I get there.”
—Kathe. F.

“I would not have had a hysterectomy if it wasn’t robotic. I felt great immediately following. Small scars also healed quickly. Dr. Lepine was helpful yet let me decide which option was best for me. Her listening skills are top notch.”
—Wendy K.

“I trusted Dr. Lepine’s judgment on what needed to get done and she did great. My husband appreciated the time she explained everything to him. He felt included, which aided in my recovery.”
—Joanne F.

“Oh my gosh, this (robotic LSH) was the most amazing surgery procedure and recovery. I was and am so glad that it was available and I chose this option”.
—Jane G.

“Da Vinci surgery is especially valued by “active grandma types” like me, even though I no longer wear a two-piece bathing suit because of age.”
—Peg G.

“My surgery took longer than expected and Dr. Lepine could have easily cut me open to finish the surgery, but she was determined not to. She was the first person I saw when I woke up in the recovery room to tell me about the endometriosis she found and removed. I was sent home with vicodin but didn’t use any. By the second day, I felt great! I still feel great! I truly believe that if my surgery was done the traditional way, I wouldn’t have been out to the grocery store and taking my dog on walks on the second day. Robotic surgery is the way to go, no doubt about it.”
—Dayna G.

“Dr. Lepine was my second opinion. Now she has done my surgery. I will keep her as my gynecologist, no question. She’s awesome. The best ever!”
—Marcey P.

“Dr. Lepine listens attentively and responds in a forthright manner, which is greatly appreciated. She takes time and asks personal questions with sincerity. I loved how quickly I was up and about after surgery. At my age, every day counts!”
—Linda T.