Essure Permanent Birth Control

Essure – Permanent Birth Control

Permanent birth control provided in the comfort of our Boulder office.

The Essure® permanent birth control procedure was previously exclusively performed in hospital operating rooms or outpatient surgery centers. This procedure is generally well tolerated in the office and is now increasingly performed in this setting.

Boulder Gynecology routinely performs the Essure procedure in the office and has protocols in place to ensure safety and comfort. We have found women often feel more relaxed in this less formal setting accompanied by staff who knows them. An added benefit of performing this permanent birth control procedure in our Boulder office is that the cost for the patient is much lower than in an operating room setting. Often the patient’s financial responsibility is limited to an office co-pay only.

Description of the Essure® permanent birth control procedure in the office:
After the patient receives local anesthesia and sedating medication to help her relax, a slender scope with camera is inserted through her cervix and into the uterus. The interior of the uterus is visualized and the image is projected onto a video screen allowing the woman undergoing the procedure viewing as well (if desired).  Sterile saline is used to distend the uterine cavity permitting localization of the tubal ostia, or openings of the tubes into the uterus.  Each tubal ostium is then blocked with a small coil that permits tissue in-growth and scarring, thereby causing permanent sterilization. The procedure generally takes less than half an hour to complete. Most women resume their usual activities within a few hours after leaving the office. After the Essure permanent birth control procedure, a woman will have no visible scars.  She will need to continue to use a reliable form of birth control until tubal occlusion is verified.  This is done with the use of a hysterosalpingogram or dye test through the cervix performed 3 months after the procedure.  If the dye does not spill out the tubes, the procedure is complete and the patient will not need to rely any other contraception.

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